hybrid cars and the environment

Role of Hybrid Cars in Environment Protection

Hybrid cars are not an entirely new phenomenon now but despite being so effective in many aspects they have not yet become the first choice. Today rising air pollution is a great environment concern for everyone. Many health problems are caused due to smoke and poisonous gases emitted by vehicles on daily basis. Not as its solution but we should appreciate the role of hybrid cars towards environment protection. Now, the question arises here “How can hybrid cars play their role towards environment protection and we shall share here with you the answer of this very valid question.

Hybrid Cars and The Environment

Hybrid Cars use Two Different Engines

The answer is simple that hybrid cars have two power sources such as gasoline engines and other one can be electric or hydrogen based engines. The second engine is important here because it helps hybrid cars to utilize less gas and take energy from them. In this way hybrid cars have low gas emissions resulting in less air pollution and in a manner saving environment.

Benefits of Hybrid Cars

At one side where hybrid cars are better for environment, they also help with other related benefits which are as follows:

  • When hybrid cars take power from second engine source and don’t consume fuel as much, it saves per mileage consumption of fuel which is 5 miles per gallon on average as an estimate. This is really economical as compared to traditional vehicles.
  • Usually, when vehicle engine is consuming fuel, it emits carbon monoxide that causes air pollution and damages environment. However, if large number of hybrid vehicles is in use then, air pollution can be decreased at large scale in future.
  • Less gasoline consumption result in less gasoline demand that is an economical benefit. It will not only save owner’s cost but will save natural resource of gas to some extent.

More or less hybrid cars are the first kind of vehicle which can help in environment protection. The estimated percentage of fewer smoke emission for compact size hybrid car is 10% in comparison to conventional vehicles, while it is 15% for mid-size car, 19% for mid-size sports car and 21% for full- size SUV’s.  At the end, we will suggest that other similar technologies based on this concept should be introduced to control environment pollution as much as possible and that Hybrid Cars should be employed more on roads to preserve the natural habitat to some extent.

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