2021 Hyundai KONA Electric - Powerful Battery Pack with Impressive Driving Range

2021 Hyundai KONA Electric – Powerful Battery Pack with Impressive Driving Range

The 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric is a compact SUV that comes equipped with a powerful battery pack that delivers impressive performance. Like other hybrid cars and EVs, this vehicle can be used for an urban commute as well as highways, thanks to its impressive driving range of 312 km in a single charge. Moreover, the DC fast charging enables the SUV to charge faster saving time. The vehicle is equipped with intuitive technologies that facilitate the motorists and occupants during the journey.

The exterior of the vehicle exudes a sleek design with sculpted sides, whereas the interior offers cutting-edge technologies. The safety features and driver-assistance technologies of the SUV assure the occupants have a safe and pleasant journey.

Following is a detailed review of the design, performance, safety features, and driver-assistance technologies of the all-new Hyundai KONA Electric.

Design of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric

The sleek and stylish design of the exterior leaves a lasting impression on the onlookers. The interior has been designed with an array of convenience features that offer optimal comfort for the occupants.

Design of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric

Exterior Design Specifications

The distinctive sleek closed grille and twin headlight design are the most noticeable elements on the front fascia. Other exterior features include 17˝alloy wheels, sculpted side body, colored roof, black bumpers, and LED rear lamps.

The 2021 Hyundai KONA electric has 7 exterior color options that include Chalk white, Acid yellow, Pulse red, Galactic Gray, Dark knight, Ceramic blue, and Tangerine comet. The roof of the compact SUV has a different color than the rest of the body. The color can be one of the two variations of black that are Dark knight and Phantom Black and Chalk White. Motorists can mix and match to give their 2021 Hyundai KONA electric a personal touch.

Exterior of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric

Interior Design Specifications

The interior comes laced with intuitive technologies especially in the driver-centric cabin to facilitate the journey. The heated steering wheel is mounted with multi-function buttons including paddle shifters, to allow the driver to conveniently control the vehicle. The paddle shifter enables the driver to control the regenerative braking level by supplying more power to the wheel for faster acceleration and higher battery efficiency.

Interior of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric

For the interior design, there is an option between leather and fabric seat covers with a variety of textures in color variations of black and grey. For exceptional comfort, the front seats are power-adjustable with heating and ventilation. The interior of the five-seater is spacious with sufficient cargo space. The design has been given great attention to detail to give it a refined and comfortable appeal.

In-Cabin Technologies

The interactive Head-up display relays important information that ensures that the drive is safe and convenient. The information displayed includes navigation, speed, and warnings right in front of the driver. The display can be activated through a button and the combiner disappears into the dashboard when it is not being used.

In-Cabin Technologies of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric

The interior offers a wide array of infotainment features that ensure that the occupants have a pleasant and convenient journey. These amenities include a 7˝-digital cluster, an Electronic gear shift button, and 8˝ touch screens that have an integrated rear-view camera.

The center console in the front of the cabin allows the driver to shift between driving modes including Neutral, Drive, Park, and Reverse. The seven-inch digital cluster shows the drive mode, battery charge level and monitors energy flow. The vehicle also offers Bluetooth connectivity, AUX-in, USB, wireless charging slot, and integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that allows the occupants to connect their phones with the vehicle to make calls, play music, and some app functions that are displayed on the main screen.

In-Cabin Technologies of 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric

For amazing acoustics, the vehicle has KRELL’s sound system that has eight speakers, 160 mm woofers, along with an eight-channel amplifier that delivers 45W per channel for the best audio experience.

For the sake of the comfort of occupants, the vehicle also provides an option to set a time to pre-heat the vehicle to a certain temperature when connected to an external source. This provides comfort as well as save power when the vehicle is running on the road.

Performance Features of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric

The electric SUV replaces the gasoline engine and is equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery pack. On a single charge, the driving range of the battery in the standard trim is 312km whereas the upper trim delivers 482km. With a Level III 100kW DC fast charging station, the batteries can be recharged up to 80% in less than an hour. The Battery Thermal Management system contributes to higher efficiency and lifetime of the battery. It is cooled by water using the A/C system connection, and the electric heating element is used to heat it.

Performance Features of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric

The SUV comes equipped with a 64.0 kWh battery that can produce 150(Kw) power and 395(Nm) of torque and has a top speed of 167 km/h.

Moreover, there is a 39.2 kWh battery variant as well that can produce 100(kW) of power and 395(Nm) of torque and has a top speed of 155 km/h. The electric vehicle can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 6.4 seconds and 0 to 100 km/h in only 7.6 seconds.

Safety Features and Driver-Assistance Systems

The 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric does not compromise on the safety of the occupants, thanks to the advanced safety features. Moreover, the vehicle also has cutting edge driver assistance technologies that facilitate the motorist for a smooth ride regardless of the terrain.

Safety Features and Driver-Assistance Systems

Here are the prominent safety features and driver-assistance systems that are offered by the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric.

  • Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA)
  • Lane-departure warning with a lane-keeping assist (Standard)
  • Driver attention warning
  • High beam assist
  • Intelligent speed limit warning
  • Low beam assist
  • Adaptive cruise control (Available)
  • Pedestrian detection (Available)

Price of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric in the UAE

Price of the 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric in the UAE

The 2021 Hyundai KONA Electric will be available in the UAE soon. The stylish exterior, comfortable interior, intuitive technologies, and impressive performance features make it a stand electric compact SUV. The vehicle’s starting price will be revealed soon, and the price will vary depending on the technologies opted for.

2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV - All-Electric Compact Hatchback

2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV – All-Electric Compact Hatchback

The 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV is an all-electric hatchback that is setting new standards for charging range in the electric car segment. The new model offers up to 565 km range in a single charge that is 45 km more than its former model. The battery range has an impact on the overall performance of this eco-friendly vehicle as well. Hybrid and electric vehicles are becoming more popular as they provide better fuel economy and an eco-friendly appeal.

The compact hatchback has sculpted sides that enhance the aerodynamics of the vehicle and give it a classy style statement. The spacious cabin is designed for the convenience and comfort of the occupants during their journey. The cabin is equipped with advanced driver-assistance, and safety features that assure the occupants are facilitated on the move. The cabin is also equipped with in-cabin technologies that provide connectivity, infotainment, and comfort.

Following is a detailed review of the design, performance, driver-assistance, and safety features of the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle: 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The all-new Chevrolet Bolt EV is a compact hatchback that is ideal for five occupants. The interior has been designed to provide comfort and space for the occupants and cargo. The stylish exterior design allows the vehicle to leave a lasting impression on the road. The interior and exterior design makes the vehicle stand out among the latest electric hatchbacks in the UAE.

Design of 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Exterior Features of the Hatchback

The all-new Chevrolet Bolt EV boasts a robust look, thanks to its strong wheel arches and sculpted side. The beautiful, sculpted proportions, compact bonnet, and a lifted rear gives the vehicle a commanding presence on the road. Since the electric engine of the vehicle does not require air, the underbody can be closed to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle.

Exterior of 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The front fascia of the vehicle has a black grille at the lower end and above the grille is the elongated headlights. The compact bonnet makes the windshield of the vehicle look wider providing the vehicle a unique look.

The exterior colour options that are available in the UAE include Nightfall Gray Metallic, Silver Ice Metallic, Summit White, Mosaic Black Metallic, Kinetic Blue Metallic, Cajun Red Tintcoat, And Dark Slate Gray Metallic.


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Interior Features of the Hatchback

The spacious cabin of the 5-seater hatchback offers exceptional shoulder room, headroom, and legroom for the occupants. The rear seats offer a 60/40 split-folding functionality that can add more space to the cabin. The vehicle has ample space for cargo as well, especially when the seats are folded. The cabin can carry around 1,603L of cargo when the seats are folded. Besides the foldable seats, the cabin also has a multi-purpose front console that has a huge storage bin and sliding armrest. Moreover, there are cup holders and a wireless charging slot just behind the shifter.

Cargo Space of 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The floor of the hatchback is also flat thanks to the battery positioning that allows the increased space. Moreover, it also makes exiting and entering the vehicle easier for the occupants.

There is a paddle on the steering wheel that slows down the vehicle without the driver pushing the brakes. This further converts energy into electricity and sends it back to the battery. The steering wheels also have controls that have voice recognition for giving instructions for streaming music or text without taking hands off the wheel.

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In-Cabin Technologies

The all-electric hatchback is equipped with multiple in-cabin technologies that allow the passengers to drive around with ease. The speed of the vehicle can be easily controlled thanks to its one-pedal driving. In low-speed mode, the vehicle can easily slow down or stop by lifting the foot from the accelerator. This allows the driver to make less use of the brakes conserving the energy of the battery to increase the range of the charge. This deceleration and one pedal feature may be limited when the battery is cold, or it is near full charge. For instant stoppage, it is advisable to use the brakes.

Interior of 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The vehicle also has an electric precision shift that allows the driver to easily select the gears electronically. There is no mechanical shifter in the vehicle which is why there is increased front passenger space.

The hatchback also has a wide array of infotainment features that include a 10.2-inch infotainment HD touchscreen, and a Driver Information Centre that relays information in real-time to the driver. The information shared includes climate control, battery condition, and energy percentage information. The tablet-like screen allows the users to view the information in full or split-screen for navigation or retrieving music or contacts from the phones. The 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV is compatible with the Apple CarPlay.

Besides the remote start engine, the hatchback also has a remote charging feature that allows the 60 KW battery to charge using a key fob, given you are in the radius of the vehicle.

Performance of the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The all-electric hatchback has improved its performance features thanks to the increased range of the 66-kWh battery. This battery delivers an NEDC estimated 565 km of range. The battery produces 204 horsepower, and 360 Nm of torque, allowing it to accelerate from 0-100 in 7.3 seconds. The hatchback can do up to 150 km of range in just 30 minutes using standard DC fast charging. Moreover, the advanced technologies of the vehicle including Electronic Precision Shift, Regen on Demand, and One-Pedal Driving.

Performance of the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Safety Feature in 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

The 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV does not compromise the safety of its passengers, which is why it comes equipped with the latest safety features. Moreover, to provide better drivability, the modern hatchback also has the driver-assistance feature.

Here the most prominent driver-assistance and safety features of the vehicle:

  • Rear Park Assist
  • Airbags
  • HD Rear Vision Camera

Price of the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV in the UAE

Price of the 2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV in the UAE

The all-new Chevrolet Bolt EV has impressive design features with an extensive battery range that make it stand out in the all-electric car segment. The vehicle is available in the UAE with a starting price of AED 168,500.

Best Luxury Hybrid Cars - 2020 Lexus LS500h with a V6 Hybrid Electric Engine

Best Luxury Hybrid Cars – 2020 Lexus LS500h with a V6 Hybrid Electric Engine

The best luxury hybrid cars offer outstanding performance capabilities and come equipped with cutting-edge technologies that differentiate them from conventional vehicles. The 2020 Lexus LS500h is a hybrid luxury sedan that comes fitted with a Multistage Hybrid System to deliver efficient performance. The sedan is one of the most sought-after hybrid vehicles that has been launched in the UAE in two trim levels (Platinum and Titanium).

Crafted to perfection, the all-new Lexus LS500h boasts an aggressive appeal, thanks to its Japanese Takumi craftsmanship. The exterior of the hybrid sedan looks stylish and features stunning design elements including the spindle grille featuring a mounted L badge, sculpted sides and elegant rear. The interior of the sedan, on the other hand, features luxury amenities that offer enhanced comfort to the occupants.

The hybrid luxury sedan comes equipped with latest safety features that make it the best family hybrid car. The available cutting-edge driver-assistance systems of the sedan facilitate the stability and drivability of the vehicle.

The stylish design, latest safety technologies and exceptional performance capabilities make the all-new Lexus LS500h the vehicle of choice for the hybrid car enthusiasts.

Let’s review the 2020 Lexus LS500h that is available with advanced technologies and impressive performance capabilities.

Best Luxury Hybrid Cars – Design of the 2020 Lexus LS500h

Design-wise, the 2020 Lexus LS500h boasts an innovative exterior design that makes the vehicle a sight to behold. The sedan exudes an authoritative appeal, thanks to its design elements such as sculpted hood and advanced illuminating system. On the other hand, the cabin of the luxury sedan has been ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable commuting experience to the occupants.

Design of the 2020 Lexus LS500h


The all-new Lexus LS500h boasts an authoritative road presence that leaves a lasting impression on the onlookers. The front fascia of the hybrid premium sedan has been dominated by the spindle grille featuring a mounted L badge. The available air intakes on the lower side of the front bumper enhance the engine cooling functions.

Exterior of the 2020 Lexus LS500h

The all-new Lexus LS500h comes fitted with 3-Eye Projector LED Headlamps to illuminate the road and its surroundings for hassle-free driving. The luxury sedan also features LED Cornering Lamps for safe turns. The available fog lamps at the rear are designed to illuminate the road in poor visibility conditions.

The modern-day sedan comes equipped with 20-inch Premium Grade Wheels that augment its sporty yet athletic stance. The available power moonroof with Jam Protection elevate the luxury appeal of the sedan. The elegant rear design of the hybrid sedan effortlessly blends with the overall design, thanks to stylish exterior features such as fog lamps and LED taillights.

Best Hybrid Luxury Cars – Interior

The interior of the all-new Lexus LS500h is a fine example of attention given to small details. Advanced in-cabin technologies and luxury amenities have been integrated into the hybrid premium sedan to make journeys comfortable. The hybrid sedan has a spacious cabin that offers ample headroom and legroom to the occupants. The sedan comes packed with convenience features and high-quality materials that make it one of the best luxury hybrid cars in the car market.

Interior of the 2020 Lexus LS500h

The sedan features semi-aniline leather seat material that accentuates the luxury appeal of the cabin. The available 28-way power adjustable front seats with Memory function deliver uncompromised comfort to the driver and front passenger. The contemporary sedan comes fitted with a Four Zone Auto Airconditioning System to keep the cabin unaffected of the weather outside. In addition to this, the available Lexus Climate Concierge System offers a remarkable commuting experience.

The available leather steering wheel with driver-mounted controls makes the cabin of the all-new Lexus LS500h driver-centric. The cabin of the luxury sedan features power rear full sunshade to make commuting pleasurable for the occupants, regardless of the challenging weather conditions.

Best Cheap Hybrid Cars – Technologies

As for in-cabin technologies, the 2020 Lexus LS500h comes equipped with advanced technologies that ensure comfortable and enjoyable urban commuting.

Some of the outstanding technologies of the 2020 Lexus LS500h are:

  • 3-inch Display with Remote Touch and 3D Navigation
  • Remote Engine Start
  • Mark Levinson 23 Speaker Premium Audio System
  • Bluetooth
  • CD Player
  • MP3
  • AUX
  • USB
  • Voice Operated Control

Interior of 2020 Lexus LS500h

Best Luxury Hybrid Cars – Performance of the 2020 Lexus LS500h

The all-new Lexus LS500h is a powerful performer, thanks to its powerful V6 engine. The rear-wheel-drive sedan comes fitted with a V6 Hybrid Electric engine that has been paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 3.5-litre V6 Hybrid Electric engine of the luxury sedan produces 354 horsepower and 500Nm of torque. With this engine, the 2020 Lexus LS500h can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds and has a top speed of 220 km/h.

Performance of the 2020 Lexus LS500h

Safety Features

The 2020 Lexus LS500h comes equipped with top-of-the-line safety features that augment its family car appeal. The modern-day sedan is the best hybrid family car that makes no compromise on the safety of its occupants. The hybrid luxury sedan also offers advanced driver-assistance systems for a smooth and hassle-free driving experience.

Listed below are some of the notable safety features and driver-assistance systems of the 2020 Lexus LS500h:

  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA)
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Traction Control
  • Pre-Crash Safety System
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • 10 Airbags
  • Hill Assist
  • Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
  • Brake Assist
  • Anti-lock Brake System
  • Collision Detection
  • Moving Object Detection System

Price and Availability of the 2020 Lexus LS500h in the UAE

The best luxury hybrid cars are some of the most-awaited vehicles as compared to conventional cars, thanks to their advanced powertrain and latest technologies. The 2020 Lexus LS500h has been launched in the UAE with a powerful Hybrid Electric engine and in two trim levels. The stunning design, impressive performance and cutting-edge safety technologies of the hybrid sedan make it a top vehicle in the segment. The all-new Lexus LS500h is available in the UAE at a starting price of AED 355,000 that can go higher with the optional features and trim level selected by car buyers.

Price and Availability of the 2020 Lexus LS500h in the UAE

If you want to sell your car in Dubai to buy the all-new Lexus LS500h, you can sell your used car in a hassle-free way through a specialized car buying company that offers you a good resale price of the vehicle.

Hybrid cars best – Land Rover Range Rover Sport P400e PHEV with an advanced Ingenium engine

Hybrid cars best – Land Rover Range Rover Sport P400e PHEV with an advanced Ingenium engine

The hybrid cars best vehicle in the segment has found another gem in the name of Land Rover Range Rover Sport P400e PHEV. The all-new Range Rover Sport has two new models, the Range Rover Sport plugin-hybrid and updated SVR. The all-new Range Rover Sport P400e PHEV is the latest and first vehicle by the brand in electric-hybrid category offering performance, style and advanced technology.

The Range Rover Sport P400e PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) is a proof that the Land Rover has decided to evolve with the market. The flagship SUV is now introduced as a four-cylinder plug-in hybrid and the first in the line-up with lower emissions and a better fuel economy. It is available in four trim levels, that is SE, HSE, HSE with the dynamic pack and Autobiography with Dynamic Pack. Charging time for ranges from under three hours with 240-volt Level 2 charging to fourteen hours plugged into a standard household outlet.

Here is a review of the design, exterior, interior, performance and technologies making this hybrid car best-in-class SUV a must buy for the UAE SUV enthusiasts.

Design of the Hybrid Cars Best Vehicle

The Range Rover P400e PHEV is the first electric vehicle in the flagship SUV line-up that has been designed carefully. The vehicle is designed to have charging port integrated into the grille, so that cable can be easily connected without compromising on the iconic design of the Range Rover.

Design of the Hybrid Cars Best Vehicle


Being a large luxury vehicle in hybrid cars best category, the design has been slightly refreshed. The bar grille design, faux side vents and impressive lighting elements. The all-aluminium body is lighter, stronger and more sustainable than its predecessors. The innovative Monocoque body shell delivers outstanding stiffness and refinement and has the ability to withstand the same off-road impacts as every Land Rovers offers. The curves and aggressive design makes it more aerodynamic to offer great performance on all road conditions.

The unique PHEV technology has the lightweight body and a unique carbon fibre bonnet design looks impressive and aggressive from every angle. Being the agilest and dynamic vehicle in the hybrid cars best vehicle’s segment, the all-new Range Rover P400e has a lot to offer. From supreme comfort to high functionality, this is the most dynamic range rover with exceptional qualities. The stance of this vehicle is aggressive yet sporty and commands attention from the onlookers. The refreshed rear bumpers with integrated exhaust finishers and front add a very dramatic appeal to the vehicle.

Exterior of Range Rover P400e PHEV

The Pixel-laser LED headlights with signature Daytime Running lights provide headlights with laser technology offering five times higher luminance than standard LED lights. These can be operational once the vehicle reaches above the 80Km/h and no external lights are detected. The clear sight is produced by the system for over half a kilometre.

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Just like the exterior of this hybrid cars best category in SUV, the interior reflects the sheer luxury, style and demanding command. The supremely comfortable interior has highly functional too. The whole interior space is enhanced by Ambient Interior Lighting and the fitment of Touch Pro Duo, proving the true craftsmanship of the brand. The seats are wrapped in the finest Semi-Aniline leather and have contemporary new colourways. This includes Ebony Vintage Tan and Ebony Eclipse provides ultimate luxurious feel. There is plenty of head-room and leg room making this vehicle

Hybrid cars best – Performance of the 2018 Range Rover P400e PHEV

The 2018 Land Rover Range Rover P400e PHEV has a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo Ingenium petrol engine, capable of producing 300 hp, with an 85kW electric motor and 8-speed automatic gearbox. The combined output is a whopping 404 horsepower and 640 NM of torque. The new hybrid cars best vehicle in the segment has a four-wheel drive system and delivers exhilarating performance on all road conditions.

Performance of the 2018 Range Rover P400e PHEV

It has a 2.8litre per 100Km combined fuel efficiency, 64g/Km CO2 emissions and 51Km electric-only range making it an environment-friendly vehicle for the UAE. The new Range Rover P400e PHEV offers two driving modes, Parallel Hybrid Mode and EV (Electric Vehicle) mode. The former lets the driver optimise fuel economy or battery charge by using one of two Charge Management Functions. The Save and Predictive Energy Optimisation functions let the driver prevent the battery from dropping to a certain level, and the latter one optimises the fuel usage.

It can go from 0-100Km/h in just 6.7 seconds and unlike conventional, the PHEV P400e give an additional boost in performance.

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Safety Features and Technologies

The all-new Range Rover Sport P400e PHEV in hybrid cars best category vehicle is laced with advanced safety features and technologies. The advanced infotainment system provides two 8″ screens built into the rear of the front headrests or 10″ high-definition seat mounted articulating Touchscreens. Both the systems in this best cars hybrid SUV comes with a pair of WhiteFire digital wireless headphones and HDMI, Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) and USB connections. Also, the InControl Apps offers a vehicle-optimised, interactive set of apps enabling media streaming, cloud and location-based services and more via a USB port.

Some of the notable technologies and convenience features for safety of the passengers include:

  • Speed Lowering
  • Dynamic Program
  • Dynamic Stability Control
  • Electronic Active Differential with Torque Vectoring by Brake
  • Rear View Camera
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Front and Rear Parking Aid
  • Cruise Control and Speed Limiter
  • Hill Descent Control
  • Technology
  • Connect to Bluetooth
  • Voice Recognition System
  • Navigation and Mapping
  • Intelligent Routing
  • Cabin Preconditioning
  • Intelligent Plug-In Hybrid Display
  • Four-zone Climate Control
  • Powered Gesture Tailgate
  • Low Traction Launch
  • Twin-speed Transfer Box
  • iGuide app
  • Meridian Sound System
  • Touch Pro Duo

Optional safety features of this hybrid cars best vehicle are:

  • Optional Advanced Tow Assist
  • Park Pro
  • Park
  • Drive Pro
  • Drive

Price and Availability of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport P400e

The 2018 Land Rover Range Rover P400e PHEV being the latest in hybrid cars best category is announced but expected to hit the UAE car market in a time of two years or so. As the electric vehicle’s market growth in the UAE, and many benefits announced by the government, there are many chances that this vehicle will be highly acclaimed in the UAE as well.

Understanding how Hybrid Vehicles are different from Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

The emission of harmful pollutants from traditional engine cars has evolved the need for the hybrid vehicles, which are more fuel-efficient and environment-friendly at the same time. Although the hybrid cars are not fully based on the green technology, they are still better than the combustion engine vehciles as they don’t pollute the natural enviornment with harmful gases.

This is because the hybrid electric vehicles make use of an electric motor along with the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The preferred source of energy can be switched as per the requirement by the driver.

The best hybrid vehicles could be the ones that are the most fuel-efficient as well as minimize the harmful emissions into the environment. The hybrid cars are categorized into two types that include Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

What is Similar in Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles?

Regarding the similarities between the two types of hybrids, the most prominent one is that both types make use of an alternative source of energy which is mostly the electric motor. The electric motor combined with the ICE provides the source for the hybrid and in the case of higher requirements of power, both sources of energy combine to generate greater power. In addition to that, the fuel-efficiency, as well as the least amount of harmful emissions into the environment can also be enlisted as the similarities between both the hybrid vehicles. The limited use of the ICE does not only provide inexpensive traveling but also restrict the lead emissions into the environment.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

What differentiates the hybrid electric vehicle from the plugin hybrid is the way of its operation. Considering the working of the HEV engine, it makes use of the electric motor at lower speeds but when an increased amount of energy is required, the internal combustion engine comes into play and enables the vehicle to move at greater speeds.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Despite the inclusion of an electric motor, the primary source of energy for this type of hybrid still remains the gasoline engine. The use of modern technology can be clearly seen as regenerative braking is used in order to provide power to the electric motor. The charge is given by the energy being captured on the broad batteries included in these hybrid vehicles.

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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Contrary to a hybrid electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid makes maximum use of the electric motor in place. Unlike the hybrid electric vehicle, the electric motor keeps on operating until a specific state of charge (SOC) is reached. Once that stage is reached, the battery goes into an energy sustaining mode in which the internal combustion engine comes into play.

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

However, the internal combustion engine does not act as a power source for the hybrid vehicles in this regard. This is the most distinctive feature as the ICE serves the purpose of providing sufficient charge to the electric motor. This makes a plug-in hybrid vehicle focused upon an electric motor rather than using ICE as the primary source of energy.

Therefore, the range of the plug-in hybrid vehicle is extended with the help of an internal combustion engine whereas the electric motor is a secondary source of energy in a normal hybrid vehicle.

Another difference between the types of hybrid electric vehicles is the form of energy used by them. The hybrid vehicle makes use of the energy that is generated on board which makes it less substantial than the one that is grid-supplied. This difference makes a plug-in hybrid far more fuel-efficient and electrically charged as compared to the hybrid vehicle.

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Comparison of Fuel Efficiency

Taking the fuel efficiency into consideration, statistics reveal that the plug-in hybrid vehicles are far more efficient than the traditional hybrids. This is because of the preference of electric motor over the gasoline engine to be used as the primary source of energy.

Furthermore, the introduction of plug-in hybrids and electrically powered vehicles into the automotive sector has resulted in the car enthusiasts preferring them over normal hybrid vehicles. In the race for the manufacturing of best hybrid vehicles, the introduction of plug-in hybrids has gained significant importance. This is so because the right combination of fuel efficiency and the provision of a green environment is ensured by the latest hybrid vehicles.

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Green Technology: Still a Long Way to Go

Although the hybrid electric vehicles do play a significant role in minimizing the harmful emissions into the environment, still they cannot be regarded as examples of the green technology being implemented fully. This is so because whether you consider a hybrid vehicle or a plug-in hybrid, there is always the need for the inclusion of a gasoline engine.

Green Technology: Still a Long Way to Go

The normal hybrid electric vehicle makes use of the gasoline engine as its primary source of energy which makes it less environment-friendly as compared to the plug-in hybrids that are quite environment-centric.

However, the plug-in hybrids also make use of the gasoline engine in order to provide sufficient amount of charge to the electric motor to continue working. The gasoline engine acting as a generator also results in some harmful emissions into the environment which hinders the journey towards the implementation of green technology.

This is the reason why we cannot still confidently say that hybrids vehicles and plug-in hybrids truly exhibit the face of green technologies as there are many aspects yet to be looked after and improved to make this technology environment-friendly in its real sense.

Top 3 Fuel-Saving Technologies for Hybrid Vehicles Explained!

Top 3 Fuel-Saving Technologies for Hybrid Vehicles Explained!

Hybrid vehicles are advanced automobiles that are built to promote the green environment and conserve fuel for the later generations. The remarkable features of hybrid cars make them a stand out amongst many traditional cars.

The engine’s working principle in hybrid cars is usually based on a different theory. A hybrid car would always work using two power sources, one from the engine that is running on the fuel and the other power source usually comes from the rechargeable Electric Batteries installed in hybrid vehicles. However, the second power source could be any other source, it does not have to be electric. It could be from any other power generation source too such as solar, hydrogen cell etc.

We would review the different technologies that are used in different hybrid cars and SUVs.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles – An Advanced Version of Conventional Hybrid Cars

It is a technology that is one step ahead of others and is used in most of the hybrid cars by all the big brands. A plugin hybrid vehicle is very much like a conventional hybrid vehicle, but it can be charged anytime anywhere using an electric source. This vehicle gives you the facility to extend your drive further, add more miles to your drive by using a plugin charger from any service station nearby.

Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles – An Advanced Version of Conventional Hybrid Cars

Not all, but most of the plugin electric hybrid vehicles has the capability to give you two features.

  • All-Electric Mode: This mode comes in handy if the car runs out of diesel or gas during travelling, the car does not stop working but it uses its energy from the electric batteries.
  • Hybrid Mode: That of course means that the whole energy of car comes from the combined effect of engine as well as batteries.

Stop-Start Technology – A Fundamental Fuel Saving Strategy

This technology, when invented, was basically reserved for the fuel efficient vehicles such as green cars. But in the past couple of years automakers decided to install the same system in various common conventional cars as well. Just like the hybrid cars, this system is also meant to save the environment from hazardous emissions.

Stop-Start Technology – A Fundamental Fuel Saving Strategy

How does it serve you?

This technology is used to conserve fuel as much as possible, especially when we are waiting for the traffic lights to change to green. Just with the press on brake and with first gear, your hybrid car would turn off the engine and the same way when you would release the brake, your car engine would start automatically.

Since you will not be using a lot of fuel, you will not have to pay for the fuel that you would be using on sitting idly in hybrid electric vehicle.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Saving the Non-Renewable Source’s Consumption

Hybrid Vehicles have been found to be working on different fuel technologies in order to give better results regarding harmful emissions. The addition of Electric Batteries in hybrid cars was an attempt towards reducing the unnecessary gas emissions, whereas different attempts were also made towards fuel technologies. One such attempt is flexible fuel vehicles that use E85 as a fuel source.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles – Saving the Non-Renewable Source’s Consumption

E85 is an abbreviated term for the composition of fuel that is used as energy source for the engine of any hybrid electric vehicle or simple conventional car. It is 85% denatured ethanol fuel and 15% some other hydrocarbon. In many countries like Australia, automotive enthusiast prefer using this E85 because of its enhanced performance factors such as:

  • It reduces the hazardous exhaust emissions.
  • It gives inherited combustion characteristics such as high thermal efficiency, raised torque, better fuel consumption, thereby supporting the fact that it helps managing the economy in best appropriate way.
  • A diversity of fuels means that you would have to depend less on the fuels that are limited on planet Earth. E85 is a diversified source of fuel, hence making the human life on Earth sustainable for many years to come.
  • In some places due to low cost and high availability of E85, it is the most often used fuel source of engine than the conventional car fuels.
  • It emits less CO2 volumes than a conventional gas source.

Koenigsegg CCXR – A Successful Flexible Fuel Vehicle

Flexible fuel vehicles are designed in order to maximize the engine’s performance. Koenigsegg CCXR is an environment friendly vehicle that has been known as the third most powerful production car. This car has been found to give 20% more power on Ethanol than on Gasoline. It is because of the beneficial characteristics of ethanol that results in reducing the engine knock hence increasing the performance factors.

Koenigsegg CCXR – A Successful Flexible Fuel Vehicle

All the technologies that are used in order to reduce the green house effects in cars deliver their purposes in a perfect manner. The greenest cars, whether they are hybrid vehicles or they are based on some fuel economy principle is always going to benefit the mankind for more than one purpose. Automakers of famous brands have been putting their efforts in generating a significantly large number of vehicles that would be working majorly on fuel economy principles, which is a great first step towards a better future.

Electric Hybrid Vehicles – The Safest and the Fastest Tesla Model X

Electric Hybrid Vehicles – The Safest and the Fastest Tesla Model X

The futuristic automakers, Tesla, has always been a notch up among their competition when it comes to all kinds of electric hybrid vehicles. The have proved this again by introducing the Model V SUV. The brand has claimed it to be the safest and fastest sport utility vehicle in the history. It doesn’t just come with just eco-friendly features and technology, but also has a noteworthy horsepower and top speed. The Tesla Model X SUV is ready to take the roads with a storm.

Here we will discuss the main features of the 2016 Tesla Model X in detail including its exterior and interior design, its performance and other specifications.

The Exterior Design of the Tesla Model X SUV

Tesla Model X SUV is dubbed to be the most aerodynamic SUV that is made by the automobile brand. Unlike some of the hybrid vehicles, the body of this SUV is made entirely from aluminum in order to make it lightweight and enhance its aerodynamic features. Furthermore, boron steel elements are used to secure the body, which in turn gives the Model X an edgier look. Additionally, the windshield of this particular SUV is manufactured with materials that acts as a safety glass from infrared and UV rays. The windows have a frameless structure that adds to its sleek exterior look.

The Exterior Design of the Tesla Model X SUV

One of the most noticeable feature is the placement of the door handles. The rear door handles are placed at left side, joining the handles of the front door. Furthermore, they are engraved inside the structure to lessen the air resistance of the car.

The doors are basically Falcon Wing Doors. They just need a foot of clearance on either side to open even in the most tightly spaced traffic or parking. These big doors provide easy and comfortable access to the back four seats.

Exterior Design of the Tesla Model X SUV

Compared to other hybrid cars and SUVs, Tesla Model X has a 0.24 drag coefficient, which is 20% lower to the rest. As a result has 20% better aerodynamic features than the rest of the hybrid cars. With higher aerodynamic features come the need for more control and stability. The rear active spoiler gives the SUV most needed stability and efficiency.

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The Interior of the Tesla Model X

The interior of the SUV is quite spacious, having the capacity of seating 7 passengers comfortably at a time. The seats are arranged in three rows all of them having ample leg space while the third has under the seat storage. The second and third row of seats have the feature of pushed down to maximize cargo space.

The Interior of the Tesla Model X

The cargo story does not end here. The Model X SUV also allows the owner to add a hitch mounted accessory to carry some extra and heavy. The towing capacity of the Tesla Model X is a staggering 5,000 pounds.

The whole interior has dark ash wood accents that are featured in the hand wrapped synthetic and microfiber leather. Other than that, there are three leather colours to choose from; the Ultra White, Tan and Black. There is also a three spoke leather wrapped steering wheel that holds controls for the in-built entertainment.

Interior of the Tesla Model X

There is also a panoramic windshield that allows optimum visibility of the road ahead. The party does not end at the back only. The front seats come with heating capability with memory and 14 way power adjustable settings. In terms of other technological features, it houses 17″ capacitive touchscreen is the new updated 8.0 system with all vehicle controls and entertainment materials and a nine speaker stereo system with FM/HD radio of 240 watt.

The Performance of the Tesla Model X

The new Tesla hybrid SUV is an all-wheel drive that ensures maximum power. Being an electric car, it houses a liquid-cooled powertrain with 2 asynchronous AC motors, battery, gear boxes and drive inverters. It has a Lithium-Ion 75 kWh or 90 kWh microprocessor controlled battery.

When talking about the range this electric vehicle it can travel on one single charge, the Tesla Model X is capable of going 289 to 300 miles in range at one time. It is recorded to reach from 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. This is the shortest time an electric hybrid SUV has reach 60 mph from stand still.

The Performance of the Tesla Model X

It has 532 horsepower and a top speed of 130 mph. The Model X has 1-speed direct-drive transmission and has a fuel efficiency of 89 mpg in the city and 90 mpg on the highway.

Safety Features and Charging Capabilities

The new Tesla Model X has a 12 V outlet that can be plugged into 48 amp single phase onboard charger that is supercharged enabled. This supercharger allows the Model X to be fully charged under 10 minutes for 300 miles.

Safety Features and Charging Capabilities

When it comes to safety features, the Model X has not shied away from some standard and advanced features. These include cruise control, automatic emergency braking, collision avoidance, 12 air bags, driver seat position sensor, rollover crash sensor, rear door child safety latches, immobilizer system and anti-theft alarm.

Price of Tesla Model X in the UAE

For all the hybrid car enthusiast residing in the UAE, who were desperately waiting for an amazing and an innovative addition to the hybrid car family, they are in for a treat. The 2016 Tesla Model X is one of the latest electric hybrid vehicles that is available in the UAE, at a price of AED 779,000.

Electric 2017 Tesla Model S

The High-Class 2017 All- Electric Tesla Model S

2017 Tesla model S is a revamped electric sedan. The company’s ultimate aim was to make this car fastest among other existing super sedans. It offers excellent performance and possesses other features of a super car. It will be available at the price in excess of US $72500. The whole reading will focus on all new features and specifications of this modern super vehicle from Tesla.

Exterior Design of Car

2017 Tesla model S has been given a sporty look. The front of updated model S receives stylish LED headlights and slender grille. In addition to it, there are 14 three- position LED dynamic turning lights increasing visibility during night drive.

Engine, Speed and Safety Drive

Tesla has designed model S by putting main emphasize on its speed. For this reason, the car uses Tesla’s all- electric powertrain with other options available. It has all wheel drive system and there are two motors fitted in front and rear position of chassis. Both motors help to control torque and distribute unparallel traction at front and rear wheels of the car. Combining all drive functions and powerful dual motors, 2017 Tesla model S propels at an improved and fast acceleration.

There is a HEPA air filter in it that removes 99.97 % pollutants allowing clean and protected air entering into the cabin. Another unique feature of model S is AutoPilot function making drive safer and definite towards the destiny which has following characteristics:

  • Keeping car within lane
  • Lane changing with tap of turn signal
  • Managing speed with active and traffic- aware cruise control
  • Digital control of brake, motor and steering
  • Scan for parking space
  • Updated software features

Powertrain Options

This car is offered in four different powertrain options which are S70, S70D, 90D and P90D. The specifications of these four versions are as follows:

  1. The S70 uses electric motor which produces 315 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque. It goes up to 0-100 kph in 5.5 seconds while it can hit top speed of 224 kph.
  2. The S70D has dual electric motors that produce 328 horsepower and 524 Nm of torque. It goes up to 0-100 kph in 5.2 seconds.
  3. The 90D comes up with dual electric motors which propel 417 horsepower and 657 Nm of torque. The top speed for 90D is 250 kph.
  4. The most powerful version is P90D that generates 463 horsepower and 966 Nm of torque. This model can accelerates in between 0-100 kph in just 2.8 seconds

Inside of 2017 Tesla model S

The inside of 2017 Tesla model S looks suave and stylish. It provides you option to choose between two wood trims such as dark ash and figured ash while its premium package includes leather upholstery; LED ambient lights and Alcantara headliner. Tesla has introduced noise engineering which makes the cabin sound proof of powertrain noises.

Interior of 2017 Tesla Model S

At dashboard, there is a 17- inch touch screen displaying day/night modes, infotainment icons and other functions which are in easy access for the driver’s use. Other interior functions of car include automatic climate control, radio, digital instrument cluster, steering wheel control, back up camera, navigation, communication and cabin control features etc.