Why Should I Buy a Hybrid Car

Why Should I Buy a Hybrid Car?

Hybrid cars are vehicles that combine a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor to generate power. These vehicles consume less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide (CO2) as compared to a conventional petrol or diesel engine vehicle. As hybrid vehicles have lower emissions, these vehicles are environmentally friendly and are becoming popular among car enthusiasts all around the world.

The electric engine in hybrid vehicle power it at lower speeds while the gas engine powers the vehicle at higher speeds. Hybrid vehicles are growing in popularity with each passing day, and you need to be aware of the advantages of buying a hybrid car. Hybrid technology has existed since the 20th century but the cost of manufacturing this technology into the range of an average driver has recently been materialized.

Here are the types of hybrid vehicles and some of the most important advantages of owning a hybrid car.

Types of Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid cars come fitted with a conventional engine, a battery, and an electric motor to generate an efficient performance. Hybrid cars can be divided into three categories based on their performance capabilities.

Parallel Hybrid Cars

Parallel hybrid cars are the most common type of hybrid vehicles that one can see on the road. The wheels of parallel hybrid cars are powered in three different ways. These vehicles come equipped with an engine and an electric motor. The vehicle uses power directly by the engine, the electric motor alone, or by both power sources working together. When pulling away at lower speeds, these vehicles use the electric motor for power that makes them very economical for city driving. The power generated by the engine is used mostly during hard acceleration. Furthermore, the regenerative braking system of parallel hybrid cars produces electricity and stores it in the battery whenever the brakes are used. Some of the most popular vehicles of this category are Toyota Prius and Toyota Yaris.

Parallel Hybrid Cars

Range Extender Hybrid Cars

Range extender hybrid cars are the ones that only use the conventional engine to produce electricity for the generator to charge the batteries. These vehicles entirely run on an electric motor and do not use the engine. A range-extender hybrid car with a larger battery is capable of delivering a strong performance compared to a vehicle that has a smaller battery. BMW i3 and Honda Jazz are some of the important range extender hybrid cars available in the car market.

Plug-in Hybrids

Plug-in hybrids are vehicles that can be plugged into an electric outlet for the recharging of batteries. These vehicles are also recharged on the move. Plug-in hybrid vehicles are halfway between full electric vehicles and conventional hybrids. These vehicles also have a conventional engine, but they come equipped with larger batteries than regular hybrid cars and cover longer distances on a single charge. Some of the most popular plug-in hybrid vehicles of the modern era are Mitsubishi Outlander, Volvo V60, and BMW 330e among others.

Plug-in Hybrids

Advantages of Buying a Hybrid Car

Driving a hybrid vehicle is not more different from driving a conventional automatic vehicle. These vehicles differ from each other based on their performance capabilities. Here are some of the most important advantages of buying a hybrid car.

Environment Friendly

Hybrid cars are environment-friendly vehicles, all thanks to their low levels of emissions. The biggest advantage of owning a hybrid car is that these vehicles are environmentally friendly. Hybrid vehicles run on twin powered engines that cut their fuel consumption and conserve energy. As global temperatures are rising day by day, hybrid vehicles have become more popular than ever. Famous car brands all around the world are manufacturing hybrid vehicles to meet their rising demand. These vehicles come equipped with efficient performance capabilities and are built from lightweight materials that make these vehicles environment friendly.

Environment Friendly


Hybrid vehicles come with multiple financial benefits such as lower fuel consumption costs and lower annual tax bills. You will be spending less amount of money on fuel while driving a hybrid car as compared to a conventional vehicle. Government officials around the world are also offering multiple tax incentives to the owners of hybrid vehicles that increase their annual savings.

Regenerative Braking System

Hybrid vehicles come fitted with a regenerative braking system that charges the battery of your vehicle. Each time you apply the brake of your hybrid car, the system helps you charge your battery a little. This saves you time and money spending on charging the battery of your vehicle. An internal mechanism works in the regenerative braking system of your car that captures the released energy and uses it to charge the battery. This reduces the amount of time and needs for stopping at charging points to recharge the battery of your vehicle.

Enhanced Fuel-efficiency

Hybrid vehicles are fuel-efficient vehicles as they can be driven entirely on electricity. These vehicles run on batteries at lower speeds that prove beneficial when driving in the city. This usually helps when you are driving the vehicle at lower speeds. The internal combustion engine of your hybrid car operates only at higher speeds, where it produces more efficient rides. This increases the overall fuel efficiency of your hybrid vehicle.

Better Resale Value

With the rise in the popularity of hybrid vehicles due to multiple reasons, hybrid vehicles are in higher demand than ever. The rising cost of fuel has made it difficult for people to drive a conventional vehicle and more and more people are turning towards hybrid vehicles. So, if you are buying a hybrid vehicle today, you should not be worried about its resale price as multiple buyers are always looking to buy a hybrid vehicle.

Key Takeaways!

Hybrid cars are the future of the automotive industry as famous car brands are manufacturing hybrid vehicles at a larger number than ever before. You can purchase different types of hybrid vehicles in the car market according to your taste. These vehicles are environmentally friendly and offer multiple financial benefits that make them a perfect purchase.

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