Update for Hybrid Vehicles - Kia Niro Dubbed the Most Fuel Efficient Car

Update for Hybrid Vehicles – Kia Niro Dubbed the Most Fuel Efficient Car

The purpose of hybrid vehicles is to function like a normal car while also being ecofriendly and be lighter on the fuel expenditure for car drivers. So if you are asking “what is a hybrid car”, this is basically what they do. They are designed to be fuel efficient and cost efficient, while giving the same number of mileage as normal cars.

Automakers invest millions in producing a hybrid car that will consume the least amount of fuel in order to cover the same amount of distance. According to this new update, the automaker giant Kia has finally come through in this regard.

Kia Niro EX Wins the Record Breaking Journey for Hybrid Vehicles

According to the Guinness World Record, Kia’s Niro EX, a hybrid crossover has recently received their accolade in consuming the lowest amount of fuel while driving coast-to-coast of the United States, averaging 76.6 mpg.

This hybrid crossover drove around 3,715.4 miles from Los Angeles City Hall to New York City Hall. The drivers of this car were reported to consume only 4.1 tanks of gas throughout this journey.

Kia Niro EX Wins the Record Breaking Journey for Hybrid Vehicles

According to the Vice President, product planning Kia Motors America, through this journey they wanted to prove that their hybrid car offers what they preach in reality in terms of practical utility, great exterior looks and amazing mileage. For the automaker brand, winning the Guinness World Record for this car proves their achievement.

Kia Niro EX as Urban Crossover Hybrid Vehicle

Kia has dubbed the Niro EX as an Urban Crossover Hybrid vehicle. It is the first hybrid electric car of this automakers brand which was designed for the sole purpose of incorporating the best traits of fuel efficiency as well as utility of a compact crossover.

According to the press release by Kia regarding this journey, they release the official EPA mileage rating as 52 mpg highway, 49 city, and 50 mpg combined. Nevertheless this was not the ratings for the Niro EX. But during the journey, the drivers utilized every hyper miler technique feasible.

Dynamic Driving Experience with Unique Features

Talking about the Kia Niro EX as a hybrid car in use for normal car users, it is definitely a car for an urban setting. According to the brands representative, this record breaking vehicle comes with a new “dedicated eco-star platform and a unique hybrid system.” This allows the car driver to have a more unique experience while driving the car.

Dynamic Driving Experience with Unique Features

This car comes with other unique features for a hybrid car including Autonomous Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist, and Lane Departure Warning. For telematics and infotainment, it can come with UVO3 with Apple CarPlay2, Android Auto3 and a 7-inch touch screen, Smart Cruise Control, and a navigation system.

Launch of Kia Niro EX in the Car Market

The Kia Niro EX is said to hit the car market for sale in the first quarter of the next year 2017 and it will be accompanied by five trim levels: FE, LX, EX, Touring, and a limited-quantity Launch Edition.

It may not be the best hybrid cars of the year, but it has definitely earned the position of being one of the most fuel efficient hybrid vehicles.

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