Best Luxury Hybrid Cars - A Review of BMW 330i

Best Luxury Hybrid Cars – A Review of BMW 330i

Best luxury hybrid cars are offering top class luxury and hybrid engines that deliver an enhanced performance. In this era of global warming, hybrid cars are breaking new grounds in car markets because of their little carbon emissions. Hybrid cars offer advanced technological features that make them best alternative to traditional cars.

BMW 330i 2017 is a plug-in hybrid that is the result of BMW’s advanced engineering and offers a combination of modern technologies and a hybrid engine. Since its inception in 1916, BMW is a luxury German car brand that has been producing top class vehicles for its customers around the world. In 2009, BMW produced its first ever hybrid car that completely changes the concept of its brand new cars.

BMW 330i 2017 sedan has got a stylish body design that provides it an impressive road presence. Its light-weight body is made with aluminium that enhance its performance during the ride. Its interior is ergonomically designed with fine materials and is a true example of craftsmanship. BMW 330i 2017 comes with advanced technologies that make the ride fun and entertaining for its passengers. The available modern safety features assure an ideal safe drive that makes it a perfect car to drive.

2017 BMW 330i

BMW has introduced their all-new BMW 330i 2017 in the UAE in the following year. This article will provide a keen insight to its stylish design, hybrid features, advanced technologies, and modern safety features.

Design – An Embodiment of Best Luxury Hybrid Cars

BMW 330i 2017 has got a stylish design that demands a second look from car lovers. It is a hybrid sedan whose interior is designed to deliver a top class luxury to its customers.


The sporty-elegant exterior of BMW 330i 2017 is aerodynamically designed that deliver it an impressive road presence. The horizontally shaped air intakes are placed in its front bumpers that enable a smooth passage of air around its body. Twin kidney shaped grille is fitted in its front fascia that explains the traditional roots of BMW. It has a long bonnet with bold lines that gives its front a sleek look.

Exterior of 2017 BMW 330i

The available LED headlamps deliver an excellent performance and provide an enhanced view of the road to the driver in the night. The rear LED lights are integrated into its trunk that delivers it a sports car shape. Similarly, the available LED daytime running lights and LED fog lamps, enhance its safety during heavy daytime traffic. The side mirrors are integrated with LED turning lamps and come in body shade that delivers it a striking look.

BMW 330i 2017 have 17-inch five-spoke alloy wheels that deliver it an enhanced grip on the road during the ride. All these striking features of its exterior explain how the best luxury hybrid cars are designed by leading automobile companies.

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The interior of BMW 330i is designed to deliver an enhanced level of comfort to its customers. The ergonomically designed luxury is a true example of craftsmanship that the best hybrid luxury cars are offering. The cockpit is systematically oriented towards the driver that makes it extremely easy to operate. The centre console is fitted with a leather trimmed arm rest and cup holders that make the ride easy.

Interior of 2017 BMW 330i

The available three-spoke steering wheel is fitted with electronic buttons that enable the driver to control different function without taking eyes off the road, for example, attending phone calls and setting the speakers’ volume. The gauges are elegantly placed behind the steering wheel and are illuminated with bright light that enables the driver to look at them with ease.

The powered windows and doors enhance the level of comfort for its driver and passengers. Its interior offers sitting to five persons and ample front-rear head-leg room that makes it a best hybrid family car to drive. The leather trimmed seats with headrests are perfectly adjusted inside the interior that delivers an enhanced comfort to the passengers during the ride.

The available dual-zone climate control in this best family hybrid car enables its front and rear passengers to set their desired temperatures without any difficulty. The key-less opening of tailgate enables the passengers to place the luggage quite easily in the rear trunk. All these features of its interior deliver an enhanced luxury to its customers that give it a distinctive status in the world of best luxury hybrid cars.

Performance Attributes Of BMW 330i 2017

The sedans that have been introduced by BMW, are capable of delivering an excellent performance that has made them very popular among the car enthusiasts. The all-new BMW 330i 2017 is capable of delivering an enhanced performance that put it among the best luxury hybrid cars.

Performance Attributes Of BMW 330i 2017

It offers four driving modes that the driver can use to make its ride easy according to different terrains. Through the available sports mode, the driver can get an ultra-intense boost to its engine with the help of electric motors that make the drive of BMW 330i 2017 extremely fast. To get a perfect balance between sporty drive and fuel-efficiency, the driver can change the driving mode to comfort mode. Being a hybrid car, the available eco-pro mode reduces the carbon emission efficiently and delivers an efficient performance.

The engine of BMW 330i 2017 is paired with an eight-speed Steptronic Sport Transmission that delivers smooth gear shift and an excellent efficiency during the ride. With the help of the available batteries, it gives an all-electric range of 14 miles.

It comes with a 2.0-litre turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine that produces 249 horsepower and delivers 350Nm of torque to its rear wheels. It enables the car to reach 0-100 Km/h in mere 6.1 seconds at a top speed of 250 Km/h that makes it an extremely fast car. It delivers an excellent 5.5-liter per 100 Km fuel-efficiency that is almost equal to other best luxury hybrid cars on the market.

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Technological Features

BMW has introduced advanced technological features in 330i 2017. An 8.8-inch touch-screen is fitted in the dashboard that enables the driver and passengers to operate different function during the ride. It makes the navigation mapping easy with its 3D display that enable its driver and passengers to reach their destination on time. Its driver can easily take the phone calls without taking eyes off the road through the available voice navigation technology.

Technological Features

The available satellite radio enables the passengers to listen to different news and entertainment channels without any disturbance. Similarly, the available powerful CD system provides an enhanced all-round sound performance that makes the ride fun and entertaining.

Safety Features

The best luxury hybrid cars are fitted with modern safety features that make their rides very safe. BMW 330i 2017 offers excellent safety features to its customers that have risen its safety standards. Following are the important safety features of this hybrid sedan:

Safety Features

  • Eight Airbags
  • Anti-lock Brakes System
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Child Safety Rear Door Locks
  • Driveline Traction Control
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Rear View Camera

All these exciting safety features of BMW 330i 2017 makes it an ideal safe car to drive.

Price and Availability in the UAE

BMW has introduced their all-new 330i 2017 in the UAE in following year and is available at an initial price of AED 163,000. BMW 330i 2017 plug-in hybrid offers a stylish design that delivers it an aggressive presence on the road. Its interior is designed to meet the all ergonomic challenges that deliver an enhanced comfort to its passengers to make it one of the best luxury hybrid cars in the market.

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