2021 BMW iX - A luxury SUV with Shy Tech Features

2021 BMW iX – A luxury SUV with Shy Tech Features

The 2021 BMW iX is a luxurious SUV that offers a sporty range and premium comfort thanks to a bold exterior, a lounge inspired interior and intelligent technologies. The vehicle uses Shy technology features to facilitate the occupants when needed instead of over-complicating it. The intelligent technology features blend seamlessly into the design of the vehicle.

The SUV boasts an alluring and intelligent design that leaves a lasting impression on the road. The bold design is complemented by a minimalist interior design that provides occupants a relaxed feeling during the commute. The driver-assistance technologies are integrated with the exterior design elements that make them almost invisible but very convenient for motorists at the same time. The EV has impressive performance features as it offers a driving range that is more than 600 km/h, and the battery can produce 500 hp.

Here is a detailed review of the design, performance, safety, and driver-assistance technologies of the 2021 BMW iX.

Design of the 2021 BMW iX


There is a wide range of best-looking hybrid cars, however, the 2021 BMW iX exhibits a unique design language. The 2021 BMW iX claims to present a design that is bold, expressive, intelligent yet not complicated. The exterior exudes a distinctive design that leaves a lasting impression on the onlookers. The SUV has a monolithic shape that boasts a strong character. The exterior design offers excellent aerodynamics with a smooth-surface body, reduced joints, and flat underbody. Owing to the closed front end, diffuser at the rear, flush-fitting door handles, exterior mirrors that have been integrated into the window well strips, the vehicle can achieve a Cd value of 0.25, combining range and efficiency.

Exterior of 2021 BMW iX

The strongest element of the front fascia is the intelligent kidney grille that is closed and requires minimal air supply, thanks to its intelligent surface. The grille houses radar functions, camera technology, ultra-modern sensor technology, corresponding heating, and cleaning elements. The BMW logo is placed on the bonnet that is also the lid for windscreen fluid making cleaning and refilling clean and convenient. There is also a rear-view camera that is integrated into the BMW emblem. The camera is cleaned automatically with a water spray system that is integrated into the logo and it can extend outwards if needed.


On the inside, the 2021 BMW iX has an elegant minimalist design that is blended with cutting edge Shy Tech features. The minimalist interior design exudes modernity and space allowing the occupants to relax. The sky lounge has an end-to-end panoramic glass roof that provides an airy feeling and more headroom due to the absence of a headliner. Moreover, to avoid direct sunlight, the roof can be electro-chromatically shaded.

The seats have asymmetrical lines, an unusual quilting pattern, and contrasting seams that exude an ambiance of a luxurious boutique hotel. The newly engineered seats come as standard fitting to provide the occupants with a lounge feel. The seats can be integrated with speakers and 4D shakers for sound. The rear bench has been designed to accommodate three occupants with every seat having a headrest. The seats can also be equipped with speakers and heating; however, this is optional. The rear backrests can be divided into a 40:20:40 ratio that further expands the luggage space.

Interior of 2021 BMW iX

The BMW Curved display is a series first with a 12.3’’ information display that merges with the 14.9’’ Control Display to show a single unit on the instrument panel. This display looks like a picture frame place on the instrument panel. The geometry of the hexagonal steering wheel is inspired by the racing world. This is a first of its kind for the BMW brand and it facilitates the comfort of the occupants, optimizes entry, the multifunction buttons that have a luxurious glass look have an intuitive purpose. There is also an optional three-stage heating feature for the steering wheel. The sporty EV brakes when the accelerator pedal is released allowing the vehicle to run smoothly.

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In-cabin technologies

The 2021 BMW iX uses Shy Technology to provide the best experience to the occupants by using invisible intelligence. Technology only intrudes when needed, and it is reflected in intricate details of the vehicle overall. The surround sound system’s speaker panels have been embedded behind the fabric of the door panels and headrests of the seats that provide a distinctive listening experience to the occupants. The heads-up display has been integrated flush, and frameless making it seems invisible on the instrument panel.

Interior of the 2021 BMW iX

Performance of the 2021 BMW iX

The 2021 BMW iX has an electric all-wheel drive that incorporates two electrically driven axles. The vehicle offers more than 600 km of driving range. Charging-wise it can recharge 120 km in 10 minutes and 10-80% in 40 minutes via public charging. The battery can produce 500 horsepower and accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds.

Performance of the 2021 BMW iX

Moreover, the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology has a high-voltage storage system, charging technology of the BMW iX, and power electronics. The vehicle also offers the motorist a better handling option due to the individually adjustable recuperation system. The system along with the 2-axles allows the drivers to manage the handling as per their requirements.

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Safety and Driver-Assistance Technologies

The 2021 BMW iX has blended the driver-assistance technologies within the intelligent kidney grille with an innovative interface that paves way for automated driving.

Price of the 2021 BMW iX in the UAE

The 2021 BMW iX will be available in the UAE soon which is why the pricing information for the vehicle has not been disclosed yet.

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